Chad returns to the regional financial market after several years of absence. The country plans to issue this year a bond loan of 100 billion from CEMAC investors with a maturity of 5 years.
Beko Capital Advisory and Afriland Bourse Investissement (AFB) have been selected to structure this monetary issue on the public securities market.
 Tahir Hamid Nguilin, the Chadian Minister of Finance went to Yaoundé on October 06, 2022 to sign with the selected brokerage firms, the arrangement mandate for the operation.
The funds raised should enable the country to revitalize its economy after the difficult economic situation reinforced by the Covid-19 pandemic. Several projects will thus be carried out, in particular the construction of economic, electrical and school infrastructures, the finalization of the construction sites of large public buildings such as the urban road network for the sanitation of the city of Ndjamena.