Trade and investment missions-WCAF

Trade Mission-Cameroon-January 2023

BEKO CAPITAL ADVISORY one of the major local partner of UK trade and investment mission in Cameroon is delighted to participe to this particular event which aim at promoting and encouraging valuable and major projects that will contribute to the development of our country.
Panel on Strategic Project Offer from the Gouvernment of Cameroon.
Interesting and Key projects at the level of Régional development, Public Works, water and Energy, Agricultural and Rural development are discussed.

Trade Mission-Gabon-Febuary 2023

After Cameroon, Beko Capital Advisory attended the Trade and Investment mission to Gabon from the 2nd to the 3rd February 2023. As a part of the British delegation, we were pleased to interact with senior governmental officials on priority projects in various sectors within the country, have the view from the private sector and visit the Gabon Special Economic Zone (GSEZ) located in Nkok. We look forward to turning participation into concrete opportunities to support infrastructure projects in the country.
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As a sneak peek of the trade mission to Gabon, we started the day with the visit to the Gabonese Ministry of Public Works for a working session (one to group). The main purpose was to explore opportunities and grounds of collaboration.
And thereafter, we visited  the exposition centre Akiba ( “thank you” in Beti tongue), where furniture and art made of wood from Gabon Special Economic Zone (GSEZ) are presented.
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